February 25, 2011 § 1 Comment


With all the wedding planning and big life changes going on right now (I just got a new job!!!), I haven’t had time to knit. In fact, I haven’t picked up my needles since…the end of January?


Trav said that it’s probably because I’m getting my priorities straight. Jokingly, of course, but I still gave him a good smack!

In all seriousness, with our potential wedding a little over 6 months away, we have been on the go since Valentine’s Day trying to book a venue, a photographer, and well…all the big stuff that comes with weddings. It’s really stressful, and Trav and I haven’t had time to really enjoy being engaged. I told him once the big things were taken care of, we could take a break from the craziness. I just don’t know when that will be…

The next few days are going to be ridiculous. My family is putting on a nice, quiet dinner for me and my aunt tonight (her birthday is today, mine is tomorrow)  at a local Chinese restaurant. On Saturday, I have a car appointment, a meeting with our financial adviser, another appointment with a potential venue, go-karting with my favourite people (!!!), and dinner at a restaurant close by. It will hopefully be a nice, “quiet” birthday since last year’s birthday was pretty crazy, to say the least. *nervous laugh*

In any case, even though I will have no time until Sunday, I’m going to try and knit SOMETHING before the end of the month. And I have no idea how that’s going to happen because I have 3 days, and I’m probably the slowest knitter on the planet.

When life gets in the way, how do you make time for your favourite hobby/activity?


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  • Becky says:

    Hope you guys have found some time to enjoy being engaged! And don’t stress too much about the wedding planning, I did it in 5 months and lived to tell about it :)remember…it’s supposed to be FUN!

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