Love is in the air…♥

February 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

Just a quick update to show you how I spent my weekend!


Red Velvet Cupcakes: one of my favourite Valentine’s Day treats! I got a little frustrated trying to find a decent one in the city (vanilla cupcakes dyed red? I don’t think so!), and decided to make my own!

Instead of using the typical cream cheese frosting, I made a silky, rich buttercream frosting that called for a different “icing” technique. I had originally tried piping swirls onto the cupcakes, but due to its creamy (and dreamy) texture, I had to resort to other methods: using the good old-fashioned spoon!

Trav and I actually liked this method so much (yes, we actually discussed cupcake decorating!)…we think this method definitely gives it a more rustic look, and really shows off the texture of the buttercream.

I love this blue. Thought it would add a more modern colour palette to the overall packaging!

Bagging the cupcakes were a huge pain! The jellybeans actually helped anchor the bag down while I struggled to stuff the cupcakes into the treat bags…next time, I’ll probably either get bigger bags, or cardboard boxes!


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