Keeping Promises

January 26, 2011 § 2 Comments

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Lots of  ♥,

One of my “plans & goals” for this year was to be more active. My Monday-Friday is spent at a desk, in front of a computer, for 8 hours straight. I don’t really get up and walk around unless I reeaaaaaally need to (i.e. coffee, then bathroom…it’s a good pattern). As a result of earning money, I’ve put on a little bit of poundage, and I’m afraid it’s starting to show.

Waaaay back in October or November…or maybe it was December, I was out for brunch with one of my girlfriends. We were talking about how we wanted to be more active, so she suggested we take a class together through my city’s Leisure Guide. I thought that was a great idea, but completely forgot about it until she brought it up a few weeks later.

We agreed on taking a muscle toning class because:

  1. There was no cardio (I would probably die if there was)
  2. The location suited us both and
  3. It would help me figure out where I stand on the “physically fit” scale (so…I’ve determined that I’m pretty much not even on this scale).

#3 is pretty important, because a few days after I registered for this course, I also bought a couple of passes to do a boot camp. The plan is to get toned up and sexy from this class, and then subject ourselves to the cruelty that Boot Camps are (in)famous for. So once I actually get on the The Scale (i.e. >0), I think I will be somewhat prepared to kill myself open this new door to becoming the somewhat-more-active me.

The first class was not bad. I was able to keep up for the most part, and wasn’t too sore afterwards. The second class was different, but still challenging, but I pushed myself pretty hard. The next day, I literally crawled into work. I wasn’t sure if my legs would hold me up. It was quite sad.

Tonight is the third class. Due to unforseen viral infections, my girlfriend notified me that she will be unable to attend. This is bad because

  1. She is sick. (In general, this is bad.)
  2. I don’t like doing “new”ish things alone with strangers…especially in a neighbourhood I’m not familiar with, and ESPECIALLY in a gym full of fit people, and

This sounds pretty lame, but really…it’s the truth. I am FREAKED OUT by the very thought of going alone tonight. I don’t do well in crowds, or around people I don’t know…it’s one of my many weaknesses. To top it all off, I do not like being watched by other people while I’m awkwardly trying to look like I know what I’m doing. It’s a total self-conscious thing, and I need to get over it.

BUT I AM SCARED. So much so that I contemplated not going tonight either. But then I thought that I would only be disappointing myself, wasting my money, and wrecking any chance I have at trying to get where I want to get (physically speaking).

And I am still contemplating. The class starts in an hour, which leaves me less than half an hour to make a decision.

Will I go, or will I stay home and watch a new episode of Criminal Minds? Because the latter is very tempting. I love that show…it’s one of the sacrifices I made to be more active. Oh Derek Morgan, how I miss you…

This is so suspenseful. Even I don’t know what I’ll end up doing…

Do you have a fear that has kept you from doing something new?


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§ 2 Responses to Keeping Promises

  • goatius says:

    As a trainer I would say get your butt there. But you had to throw in the Criminal Minds card. So now I am in a state of limbo. So here is your alternative: during one set of commercials do crunches, the next set squats, the next pushups, etc until the rolls its end credits. Now embarrassment can’t happen, Mr Morgan gets your attention and you get a work out.

    Loved the post.

    • This is perfect! I mean, I’ll still miss Criminal Minds every Wednesday (boo), but at least this will give me some motivation to keep up between classes every other day. Thanks for the “routine”! I’m going to try this tomorrow if I can move…

      And by the way, yes, I did go to class. It was brutal. No pain, no gain, right?

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