A Christmas Party and a chicken lottery!

December 11, 2010 § 1 Comment

Sorry for the quick, somewhat awkwardly-written  post…am on my way out to do some much needed Christmas shopping!

Yesterday night was Trav’s company’s Christmas party downtown. It was definitely more enjoyable this time around than last year, which was a few days after I had my second major eye surgery (will talk about this one day). The decorations seem a lot brighter and festive with two eyes open!

I don’t know about you, but I have a love/hate relationship with dress shopping. I love it because it’s exciting and new…but I hate trying on a dress and finding out it’s nothing like what you imagined it to be. Plus, trying on clothes can be tedious, especially in the winter time when you’re buried under layers of clothes. And you get gross and sweaty.

Since I am no style guru (I rarely go shopping for myself), I brought my friend, Nhi, along for the ride (she’s great to shop with, although I almost had a panic attack after figuring out how much I spent that night…). Nonetheless, we succeeded in finding a dress, along with some denim leggings (I’m sorry, “jeggings”…really???), a jacket, and a belt for the dress.

Below are a few pictures of what I ended up with after 2 weeks of hunting/researching (yes, I go to store websites so I can scope out what I want before going there and freaking out at all the options…it keeps me sane):

Bracelet from Aldo Shoes

Dress from RW&Co., black belt from Garage Clothing

Earrings from Aldo Shoes

Clutch from Payless Shoes

I have been searching and searching for a comfortable pair of black heels for who knows how long. The ones I bought for another occassion were gorj, but they killed my feet after 10 minutes! And I had to stand for an hour! It was horrible. So, not wanting to spend another pile of money on shoes, I went to Payless and picked up these:

Black suede heels from Payless Shoes


Ridiculously comfortable. Unbelievably affordable. High-five for bargains!

Not wanting to dampen our festive spirit, we decided to cab it to the event rather than risk driving downtown during rush hour. This was the second time I’ve ever taken a taxi (the first time was in Toronto, where we got hopelessly lost on our way to York University…), so I was a bit nervous. However, the experience wasn’t terrible (although traffic going into the parkade was, which blocked up the intersecting streets), so there is a good chance we will do this again next year.

I am a total backseat driver though.

In any case, the night went well, and I met so many people…I probably won’t remember their names next year, however, they all seem to know who I am because I bake cookies/brownies for them every month. And that is why Travis is their hero. Unfortunately, that doesn’t help me in remembering names or faces…


At work yesterday, my boss came to me and asked if I knew a Mr. Kelly from a small town just west of the city, since Trav grew up in that area. I asked my boss why, and he said that Mr. Kelly had won the “Chicken Lottery.”

“So, how much money did he win?”

“Uhh…he didn’t win any.”

“What??? Did he win chickens or something?”

“…pretty much.”


I’m sorry, but Farmers are terribly cute.


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