City Girl meets Country Mayhem: Part 2- “Oh Deer”

November 18, 2010 § 2 Comments

The following is kind of graphic. Reader discretion is advised.

Instead of taking a nap like I had wanted (and needed), Trav suggested we sit in his dad’s pasture for a while and wait for the deer to come to us. It sounded like an okay plan, considering I was pretty much through pushing bush for the rest of the day.

We packed up our gear in the half ton, and drove to the pasture, about half an hour away. As we drove by field after field, I looked out the window and saw that the snow hadn’t really melted at all since the morning…and was glad I was wearing snow pants this time.

When we got there, I was instructed to be extremely quiet in case there were deer in the area. I honestly didn’t see the point, because the swishing of my snow pants would alert them long before we’d even see them dashing into the nearest bush. But, not wanting to upset Trav (who had a very intense look on his face), I didn’t say a word. We walked as quietly and as quickly as we could through the weeds/flax to The Bluff, a section of the field that was elevated. Strategically, it was the best place to be. Trav showed me where to sit, and then walked a few yards to his post. To be honest, I was extremely nervous, so I was glad that he was close by…

Now let’s talk about my gun for a moment. The gun, which belongs to Trav’s dad, was a .243 caliber rifle. The night before, Trav instructed me on all the important aspects of the gun, such as the safety mechanism, trigger, receiver, and inserting and removing the cartridge. It wasn’t the first rifle I’ve shot, but I was still nervous about using it.

That’s enough about the gun, I think.

Anyway, I was still nervous about using the gun, so even though I had inserted the cartridge (which holds the bullets), I didn’t load a bullet into the chamber. So I left it, sitting on my lap, while I dozed off.

When I woke up, I felt pretty good…until I looked to my left.

There, about 50 feet away, I saw two deer hidden in the weeds. Not wanting to make any sudden moves, I slowly looked at Trav, who was looking in the opposite direction. I wasn’t sure how to get his attention…so I did the only thing I could think of…


The deer stopped munching and looked directly at me. I froze for a few seconds, my heart pumping at a ga-jillion miles per minute, until they went back to eating. When I looked at Trav again, he had slowly turned his head and looked at me, then saw the deer. He looked back at me, and mouthed, “Shoot it!”

I mouthed back, “No.”

He looked at me sternly, then mouthed a little louder, “SHOOT IT.”

Giving him the most annoyed look ever, I mouthed,”NO. MY GUN ISN’T LOADED,” which was a total lie because I  loaded it a few seconds before. I just didn’t want to take the first shot.

I could see him roll his eyes before slowly lifting  his rifled to shoot.

I turned my head towards the deer, hoping the shot wouldn’t be too loud when…


My ears ringing, head dizzy from the blast, I looked up and saw one of the calves drop. The other had skittered off somewhere. As I turned my head to see if it had run off, I saw something move in the corner of my eye. The inexperienced calf had stopped running behind me, trying to figure out where that loud sound came from. I knew this was my only chance, but to take the shot, I had to twist my body around so I could aim behind me. It was uncomfortable, but I didn’t notice. I had the calf in my sight, aiming right behind the shoulder, just like Trav told me. Before I knew it, I had pulled the trigger.


A seering pain shot through my nose, and my eyes started to water. I quickly unloaded my gun and held my nose as it throbbed from pain. I saw Trav get up, swear, then take off running in the direction I shot. I thought I must’ve missed it, because I heard two more gun shots…



Then silence.

Trav walked over, gagging, and then knelt in front of me, his eyes bright, his eyebrows raised…

“You shot it, honey!!! You shot your first deer!!! …wait, why are you crying? It wasn’t so bad…”

I moved my hands away from my nose.

“Oh. Oh no, honey…”

Oh yes…my nose was gushing blood. FANTASTIC.

I must’ve gotten smoked in the face by the scope, which made sense, since I wasn’t paying attention to how I was aiming. Like a first kiss, my nose got in the way. Unlike a first kiss, my nose was bleeding. Grabbing the snow around me, I stuffed it around and in my nose, trying to stop the bleeding. Eventually, it stopped, but I was shaking like a leaf.

Trav hugged me and said he was so proud of me (uhh, hello? I think I broke my nose). I asked if it was dead, and he said yes. I must’ve shot it in the “poop sack” (his words), because all the guts had spilled out, hence the gagging from before (he doesn’t handle bad smells very well). Unfortunately, it wasn’t the kill shot I was hoping for, so he had to finish it off for me before the calf could get up again and run. I didn’t mind.

That morning, I told Trav that if I was going to shoot a deer, I wasn’t going to miss. And I didn’t.



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